Saturday, August 04, 2007

#39: How do you make maps for your grant applications?

Well, I've tried many mapping methods. Here's my current, and simplest method:
  • I get a google map of the area I want and choose 'Print' from the links on the right, above the map.
  • I don't actually print the map. I open "SnagIt" and take a picture. (I'll tell you about SnagIt in a minute.)
  • Then with SnagIt tools I annotate the map.
  • Finally, I save it as a jpg that I can insert into my document.
SnagIt is an invaluable screen capture and image editing utility from TechSmith. It's not free ($39.95 with a free 30 day trial), but worth every penny. I use it for everything from capturing error messages for tech support to writing instructions. And, sometimes, just to add captions to funny pictures for my friends.

You'll find a great series of SnagIt video tips at 24 in 24. Watch one or two and you'll appreciate both the tool and the SnagIt team.


Peter - Snagit Guide said...

Great Tip for a way to use Snagit!

Peter - Snagit Guide

PS. Remember that Google Maps has copyright.


Great tips in this article and a nice blog

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Matt said...

Ctrl + PrtScn will do a screen capture on PCs for free. I'm not sure about Macs. Then you can dump it into Paint (also free) and save it as a image file or just cut and paste from paint into powerpoint where it's easy to add any info you need to. Then, as you already mentioned, Ruth, drop it back into your word doc.

Oh... just noticed Peter was from Snagit. I'm sure there are things that can do that Ctrl + PrtScn can't.

By the way, Ruth, fantastic tips. I'm only just now looking into Grant writing as a foray into writing things that I can actually eat, but your tips can be applied to any genre.

Ruth Wahtera said...

Thanks, Matt, for the tip. And, about eating...that's how I stumbled into grant writing, too. Pays better than lots of writing jobs.

Let me know how you progress.