Wednesday, October 28, 2009

# 75: nonprofitlocal's "How-To" Web Resources for Grant Writing

I just discovered a new  resource for community benefit organizations - nonprofitlocal. It's pretty new, and it's a membership site (free, though). Looks like it might be a good place to browse for tips and post when you're looking for a solution.

One of the resources that I'm planning to check out is the "How-To" Web Resources for Grant Writing guide (pdf) that's posted here. I have to admit it -- I was disappointed not to find this blog listed. But, that doesn't negate the value of the resources they do list.

So, take a look around and let us know which resources you find most helpful.

Friday, October 16, 2009

Political genes?

Other deadlines interfered with my good intention to post on climate change on Blog Action Day yesterday. But, deadline behind me, I've spent some time reading what others posted. It led me to this post on Planetizen.

The post sheds some light on what I've often thought of as people being born with a Republican or Democrat gene. "Egalitarian" and "individualist" may be a better description, though, and linking such disputes to "clusters of values that form competing world views" is more useful than waiting for science to discover the politics gene.

in reference to:

"Some of my acquaintances believe that climate change may end human life (or at least civilization) and that the only way to save humanity is to massively reduce economic growth and consumption. Other acquaintances believe that climate change is, if not an outright hoax, a minor problem—and that even the slightest attempt to regulate emission-creating industries will itself destroy American civilization.
Whole lotta head-shakin’ going on.Most of these people are not scientists (let alone scientists specializing in climate-related science), so I strongly suspect that their opinions come from Al Gore’s movie and Rush Limbaugh’s talk show, rather than from a comprehensive review of the footnote-filled scientific papers addressing climate change. Nevertheless, they are as certain in their opinions as real scientists are. How come?"
- The genesis of the climate change stalemate | Grist (view on Google Sidewiki)