Tuesday, November 21, 2006

KISS Me Again, Grant Writer!

I'm not giving this post a number because it's really a repeat of #14: Apply the KISS Principle to Grant Writing. But, I came accross this quote tonight and I just couldn't resist using it to reinforce one of the most important things any successful grant writer must learn.

"As our friend and author Andy Goodman spoofed:

If Nike were a nonprofit, its 'Just do it' campaign would be 'While an occasional disinclination to exercise is exhibited by all age cohorts, the likelihood of positive health outcomes makes even mildly strenuous physical activity all the more imperative.'"
Don't fall into that trap. Just say what you have to say. Say it clearly. Say it simply. Say it passionately. But, just say it.

By the way, I found the quote in an article in the Stanford Social Innovation Review. The author was discussing the importance of researching your target audience before investing in non-profit marketing and fundraising communications.

It's good stuff, if you want to take a look. But, I won't discuss it here.
Stanford Social Innovation Review : Articles : Research Rules (December 1, 2005):

Photo by Paulo Sacramento, Creative Commons - some rights reserved

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