Friday, February 02, 2007

#28: How to Avoid Acronyms in Your Grant Applications

Remember that song from HAIR?
LBJ took the IRT down to 4th Street, USA. When he got there what did he see? The youth of America on LSD.
I recently came across this Acronyms.pdf on the Good Grammar, Good Style website. The author, Helen Moody, scolds us for using acronyms. She points out (in a most entertaining fashion) that acronyms are writer-centric. And we need to serve the reader, not ourselves.

I'm guilty! I admit it. And, I promise to do better. No more writing out the phrase once, with the abbreviation in parentheses. After all, I want them to remember my client's name.

Moody's pdf covers the whys and where-fors of acronyms and offers some good work-arounds to help avoid them. It's a quick and entertaining read.

Good Grammar, Good Style (tm): "The Good Grammar, Good Style™ Pages"

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Anonymous said...

Hi, Ruth--
I just wanted to say that your blog provided me with a great morning's reading and a ton of helpful resources--thank you! (I'm a Boston-based grantwriter on the edge of returning to consulting--counting the minutes, in fact!)

Why are there so many lurkers and so few folks willing to give feedback to bloggers who've taken the time to share their wisdom, I wonder?

Thanks for doing it, and carry on!

Karen ; )