Thursday, June 14, 2007

Grant Writers' Proofreading and Copy-editing Test

If you're one of those people for whom test-taking is another way to prove how smart you are, here's one for you. How strong are your proofreading skills?

Freelance Proofreading and Copy-editing - Proofreading test:
"The following passage contains several common errors of the type you are likely to come across in a set of proofs (though not as closely clustered as here, I hope). This test should not be taken too seriously, but since you have nowhere better to be at 9:15 on a Thursday morning than here, I hope that you'll find it fun, at least."
Thanks to Visual Thesaurus for pointing me here. Yes, I took the test on a Thursday morning. I'm glad I have spell check, grammar resources, style guides, and good friends to edit my work.

How did you do?


Greg Jackson said...

For writers of American English: Be sure to add to the list of errors on that test the double quotation marks, for in the US single QMs are reserved exclusively for quotations within quotations.

Ruth Wahtera said...

You know, Greg, your comment enlightened me. I'm not naturally interested in grammar and punctuation and have a really poor foundation from school to build on. Most of what I know I've learned as an adult. And, every time I use quotation marks I hesitate about what's right. I'm inconsistent, and from your comment, frequently wrong.

Thanks for the comment. It has certainly helped me!

joy at proofreading and editing said...

Actually, it seems acceptable to most English users.
Perhaps you could give the corrected