Sunday, November 30, 2008

What Can Grant Writers Expect from the Obama Administration?

Barack Obama speaking in Houston, Texas on the...Image via WikipediaOne of my clients sent me a link to this article anticipating what the new administration may focus on. I pass it on to you.

eCivis: Improving Grants Performance: "Grants in the Obama Administration

With the election of Barack Obama, many in the grants world have been reviewing campaign materials, speeches, and debates to determine what is likely to happen in terms of grants. In general, funding can be expected to increase dramatically in many areas, including programs for low-income individuals and families, child education, and law enforcement. eCivis has reviewed many of the recent materials, and while there are no guarantees of what will actually happen versus what has been promised, there are some indications of what grant-seeking organizations are likely to see: read more here"

For most of us, the news is good -- more money for after school programs, head start programs, community development.... Of course, to quote an earlier presidential campaign, "It's the economy, stupid." So, we'll see.
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Anonymous said...

That's a pretty cool article. I followed the link and was looking around eCivis' website. Looks like there a grants data base or something? Do you or anyone else know anything about eCivis, or have any of you used or reviewed any of the other proprietary grant resources you've mentioned on here?

As I mentioned before, I'm just starting to look at grant writing. Do organizations have grants in mind when they hire you or just the programs they want to fund? Would it be worth while as a writer to have a subscription to something like this?