Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Competing with the Big Guys -- Tech Giants Help Clients Tap Stimulus Funds - WSJ.com

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Did you ever imagine that as a grant writer you'd be competing with Microsoft and IBM? Well, this Wall Street Journal article reports that some of these tech companies are providing their clients grant writers in an effort to boost their sales. Who are their clients? Our clients -- school systems, courts, and large nonprofits with significant IT budgets before the crunch.
Tech Giants Help Clients Tap Stimulus Funds - WSJ.com: "With the recession forcing corporations and institutions to cancel projects, technology suppliers are eyeing the economic-stimulus package as an elixir to keep revenue flowing. It earmarks more than $100 billion that could be spent on information technology, according to research company IDC.

The stimulus legislation doesn't provide checks directly to tech companies. Instead, it will parcel money out to needy health-care providers, school districts, governments and rural phone companies, among others. It is too soon to tell whether providing a grant-writer will produce a bonanza for any institution, but that hasn't stopped Cisco, Microsoft Corp., or Oracle Corp. from offering advice that could help customers land stimulus grants."
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