Sunday, December 06, 2009

So You Want My Job: Ghostwriter | The Art of Manliness

So You Want My Job: Ghostwriter | The Art of Manliness: "Continuous education is the best part of the work. I get paid to learn new things and explain them clearly to others. When I do it well, it’s quite a rush."

My nephew and I share interesting articles through our Google reader accounts. He's in college and exploring career ideas. Today he shared this interview with Dean Zatkowsky about the career of ghostwriting.

Zatkowsky describes my life -- what I love, what I don't, difficult clients, and my relationship with my long term clients. He's got it all. But, I never thought to call myself a ghostwriter. Kinda cool, eh?

Maybe I'll get myself a hat like that, too.

It's a great interview. Treat yourself. If you're a grant writer, you'll probably recognize yourself, too.
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