Wednesday, July 19, 2006

#10 Saving Time Using Two Screens

If you aren't using two screens, start now. I know it seems like an indulgence, but the benefits far outweigh the costs. Besides, you probably have an old monitor sitting unused in a corner.

Glenn bugged me for months. "Ruth, you really should add a second monitor." I thought he was being silly and I resisted. But grant writing involves pulling together information from multiple documents and so much cutting and pasting.

Having a second screen makes it possible to keep my draft on the main screen and my source documents and the RFP on the second. I usually keep my email open on the second screen, as well, so I can see the answers to those time-critical questions as they come in.

Technically it's pretty simple, especially if you're using a laptop. Just connect the monitor and change a few settings. Voila! your desktop stretches across two screens.

I really recommend it. Your IT guru can help you set it up, if you're not adventurous. Save yourself time, stay more organized, keep what's important in front of you.

Thanks for pushing me, Glenn.

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LauraH said...

Hi Ruth-- Just noticed your comment on my blog. Thanks for the link!