Wednesday, July 26, 2006

#11: Grant Writing and Client Feedback

When do you ask your client to read your draft grant application? And what kind of feedback do you want, when?

Working with short deadlines forces me to share drafts sooner than I'd like. My client often sees a draft that looks nothing like the finished product. But I need feedback on the content.  Are the facts right? Am I emphasizing the right points in the evidence?

Seth Godin's blog entry about giving good feedback is useful in thinking through how to ask your client for feedback on that early draft. 

Seth's Blog
In the interest of promoting your career, making your day at work more fun, improving the work life of your colleagues, and generally making my life a whole lot better, I'd like to give you some feedback on giving feedback. As usual, the ideas are simple--it's doing them that's tricky.

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