Thursday, March 13, 2008

#47: The Mossberg Solution - the grant writers guide to school data

A month or so ago, Walter Mossberg, a Wall Street Journal technology columnist, published a column describing three sites where parents can research schools. I use, but you may find one of the others more to your liking. Check them all out.

The Mossberg Solution - ", a service of Standard & Poor's, is more bare-bones, containing quick statistical comparisons of schools. (S&P is a unit of McGraw-Hill Cos.) This site gets its content from various sources, including state departments of education, private research firms, the Census and National Public Education Finance Survey. This is evidenced by lists, charts and pie graphs that would make Ross Perot proud."
I especially like the fact that SchoolMatters can generate one report that pulls together data from several schools. I'm currently writing a grant application for three after school programs -- an elementary school site and two very different high schools. One report gives me the data on all three.

Here are the three sites Mossberg reviews:


Anonymous said...

I wish I'd stumbled across your blog sooner. Thanks for sharing these wonderful resources!

Ruth Wahtera said...

Thanks! Glad to be helpful. And, please share your resources if you have some that could be helpful to the rest of us.