Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Who'd Believe It? Forbes on Grant Writing

When I saw Forbes in my Google-Alerts for "grant writing" I should have known it wouldn't be about grant writers becoming millionaires. (Only the unethical ones, I guess.) But I enjoyed seeing Katie Krueger, grant writer, in a Forbes article about starting your own business when you find yourself unemployed.

Grant writing is a wonderful business for people with the right temperament. Every nonprofit needs grants written.

The new RFP for 21st Century Learning Centers in NY State actually recommends that you include the expense of a grant writer in your project budget to ensure future sustainability. That's a first, I think.

It May Be Time Now To Start Your Own Business - Forbes.com: "Katie Krueger dreamed for years of starting her own grant writing business. She loved the idea of being her own boss, choosing her own projects and scheduling her own time. 'I wished I could be courageous enough to do it, but at the end of every school year I'd say to myself, 'Oh, I'll stay another year,'' she says."

Katie was let go by the school district she worked for and is now, according to the article, working quite happily in her own business.

Way to go, Katie. There are lots of independent grant writers out there to keep you company.

If you're thinking of working independently and have questions or just want some encouragement, let us know in the comments. And, if you have a story to share about going independent, tell us!
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Anonymous said...

Hi Ruth,

I wanted to know that I love your blog--it contains great information. This recent post about stepping out as an independent grant writer really hit home. I'm in the process of building up enough courage to move forward as an independent grant writer and consultant.

I've already incorporated a single-person LLC, picked a name (reVision writing and consulting, ltd.), and wrote a business plan. I've made some initial contacts, but I am unsure of where to go from here.

Any thoughts?

Anonymous said...

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